Cinco de Mayo Party Tips

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect theme for easy and fun entertaining!  Here are a 5 tips for hosting a memorable Fiesta Gathering:

1.  Choose bright and colorful decor, the more color the better!  Make your own centerpieces by filling clear bowls and vases with red, orange, and yellow peppers, mix in a few jalapeno and poblano peppers for a festive look.

2.  Create Taco and Margarita Bars – why do all the preparation yourself?  Your family and friends will love creating their own snacks and creations!

3.   Have a “Salsa Throw-down”.  Ask your friends to bring their favorite salsa and host a contest for the most creative, most tasty, and most authentic- Too fun!

4.  Treat your guests to a Tequila Tasting!  Help your guests learn about the different types of Tequila by serving samples of 3 varieties such as a Blanco, Repasado, and Anejo.  Serve the samples in a champagne glass – the glass of choice for Tequila!

5.   Don’t forget the music!  Pandora is a great choice, select a Latin station, Jimmy Buffet, or for a retro theme – Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass!  Too fun!









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