Cool Off with an Italian Spritzer

It’s going to be a hot weekend and what better way to cool off than with an icy cold Italian Spritzer!  My friend & Tastebud, Cyndi just returned from a glorious vacation to Italy and shared this amazing Spritzer recipe that they enjoyed in the heat of Florence.  “It’s not too sweet and very refreshing and get this – you can get it in all the coffee shops, too fun!”

Here’s the recipe:  Equal parts Prosecco and Compari (or Aperol) – about 2 oz each, over a tumbler filled with ice.  Add a splash of lemon sour and garnish with a thick orange slice for eating afterward.

I made it last night and hmmm, it is delicious and refreshing.  The perfect drink for a hot summer day or evening!  Thanks for sharing Cyndi!

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