3 responses to “Easy Weeknight Dinner”

  1. Judy Donovan

    WOW – i am famous now!!!! It really was a delicious meal! THakns for the mentions!! Of course the wine – cashmir- amazing red!

  2. Joan Erickson

    Sign me up—can’t wait to try it! So many great recipes it’s hard to choose sometimes. Oh and A BIG THANKS! I just got my replenishment of Tuscany Pepper and Chipotle Pepper Blends. They are used ALL THE TIME and are our favorites–truly!!! My husband uses a ton of spices and we both agreed that these blends are so different from the spices we buy at the store (and we use a lot)!! The blend brings out such a nice flavor and, with the grinder they come with, it just seems like the spices taste so much fresher!!! I am serious. DeeAnn, you’ve got some winners here and I can’t wait to see what you might come up with next!!! OH and just saw some great new sauces, oils, and vinaigrette I see I need to order 🙂

  3. Jill Houde

    Yummy! I plan to make this. sounds wonderful!

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