Unleash Your Inner Foodie in the News & Around Town

I’m thrilled to be the go-to entertaining expert for both local and national media, as well as several local business organizations. Unleash Your Inner Foodie and I have been featured by:

White Bear Lake Magazine: “How to Throw Your Own Wine and Chocolate Party”
Discover how to throw a fun and indulgent chocolate and wine tasting party for you and your friends.

NBC Dallas Fort-Worth: “Five Rules: Potluck Flashback”
Create your own casual retro get-together with these five rules.

SheKnows.com: “Host a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta”
Spice up your Cinco de Mayo party with a tequila tasting.

Crave Minneapolis St. Paul
A collection of innovative shops and businesses created by women, including Unleash Your Inner Foodie.

Girlfriends Mystery Tours
These daylong adventure tours have featured Unleash Your Inner Foodie tastings and products.

If you’d like to feature DeeAnn and Your Inner Foodie in your publication or at your next event, please email deeann@UnleashYourInnerFoodie.com.

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