Holiday Music for Creating Memorable Experiences

Music is an important part of setting the vibe and ambiance for your party or family gathering. Music provides a subconscious cue that this is going to be a good time. When the guests walk through your door and hear the tunes and start bobbing their heads, you know you’re on your way to having a great party!

One of the secrets to using music to create memorable experiences is to select songs and artists that appeal to all ages of your guests. A good rule of thumb is to start your gathering with lively music, then slow it down throughout the evening so that it matches the pace of the party.

The following recommendations reflect my personal taste and party successes. Be sure to add your favorites to enhance your next party with music.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Bennettbing-crosby-white-christmasNat King

This holiday is all about tradition so I’ve found my guest’s really enjoy hearing the classics like Nat King Cole (The Very Best of Nat King Cole is my personal favorite), Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and of course Bing Crosby.Our Thanksgiving weekend tradition always includes watching White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. We know all the lines, sing along, while sipping Egg Nog or a glass of wine!

My Recommendations:

  • The Very Best of Nat King Cole
  • White Christmas; Bing Crosby
  • Tony Bennett’s Chicago
  • Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits

Holiday Cocktail Parties

Barry WhiteMarvin GayeDean Martin

It’s the holidays so people will be expecting holiday music. Why not mix it up by starting the evening with your favorite holiday tunes and then change it up with Barry White’s Greatest Hits, add The Best of Marvin Gaye, Colbie Caillat, and Jason Mraz. Dean Martin is always a hit especially if you are serving cocktails! End the evening with classical Holiday music. Trust me, your guests will always comment on the great music you played!

My Recommendations for Classical Holiday Music:

  • Kenny G, Miracle The Holiday Album
  • Josh Groban, Noel
  • David Lanz, Christmas Eve

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Party

Wine and Cheese

This is a real Unleash Your Inner Foodie type of party; it’s both casual and chic! Music will help you create the mood for both so begin and end the night with smooth jazz…very chic.

My personal favorites are: Renee Olstead, her album A Love That Will Last is perfect! I also love Chantal Chamberland, the Dripping Indigo CD is gorgeous. Then move onto casual with something like Kenny G. everyone loves his Breathless CD. Lyle Lovett and his Large Band and Bonnie Rait’s Nick of Time are always great alternatives

Bonus Music Tip!

Pandora is a great way to play music it takes away the worry of replaying the same CD over and over again. Pandora is a FREE internet radio alternative and YOU get to create your own stations based on the songs or song writers that you like. It’s amazing; this is one of my secrets to creating memorable experiences for my guests. It’s so easy, it feels like cheating!

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