Everyday Grilling Collection $34.99

The perfect BBQ spice collection to help you create the taste of summer!  Whether its’ the iconic burger, a classic bbq chicken breast, gooey-sticky ribs, sweet & savory pork kabobs, or tangy shrimp on the grill.

Best Burger Ever Seasoning has a variety of seasonings like onion, pepper, garlic, worcestershire sauce and basil that work well on any ground meat to help you create juicy, flavorful burgers.  No MSG  3.30z bottle

BBQ Chicken Rub has the flavors reminiscent of the classic outdoor BBQ – the sweetness of brown sugar, the heat of the three different peppers and a tanginess that pulls all the f lavors together.  Amazing spice for beer-can chicken!  No MSG.  2.7 oz. bottle.

Pork Rub
is the ultimate inner foodie pork seasoning, and when you cook with this blend, you’ll notice several flavors mingling with your taste buds.  This sweet, savory combination is incredible on chops, pork tenderloin and veggies – making it ideal for kabobs.  No MSG.   3.5 oz. bottle.

Chipotle Lime Seasoning is the perfect seasoning to help you satisfy your Latin inner foodie.  The tangy, spicy flavor is ideal for fish, chicken or pork.  Try it on grilled shrimp, or sprinkle it on grilled corn or mix a little into softened butter to spread on your grilled corn – ahh, the taste of summer!  No MSG.  2.7 oz. bottle.

Price: $35.99


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