Farm-to-Table Gatherings eBook $15.00


Farm to Table GatheringsAs a kid, I spent two weeks every summer at my Uncle Ted’s dairy farm. One of my jobs was to pick the green beans, tomatoes, lettuce and corn first thing in the morning and bring it to my aunt who would turn this simple food into the most flavorful dinner on earth!

That to me is the true definition of Farm-to-Table.

In Farm-to-Table Gatherings, you’ll enjoy menus, recipes, table settings, wine pairings, and music playlists to inspire you to make the most of the fresh produce available in your area to create a memorable, fun and breezy gathering.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, make a list of who you’d like to invite, and join me as I show you how to put together a Farm-to-Table party that is simple, casual, and so delicious! This 63-page eBook includes ideas for creating your:

  • Appetizer Party
  • Breakfast Gathering
  • Weekend Lunch
  • Dinner on the Deck
  • Dessert Party

As with any time I encourage you to unleash your inner foodie, I’ve also included tips that will make sure you enjoy the party as much as your guests.

Price for Digital Download: $15.00