Holiday Guide $15.00

We understand that you want to “wow” your family and friends but may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole entertaining thing.  So to keep it easy, simple, and fun we’ve put together:

Fun and creative Holiday menus designed to save you time in creating memorable experiences this season.

Menus that combine recipes you can make as well as suggestions for prepared foods you can assemble and integrate into each of the menus – keeping it simple and less stressful!

Details that make a gathering a real experience – wine and signature cocktail recipes, music play lists, and tips on how to use your home to keep the party flowing!

Resources to help you stay relaxed, organized, and enjoy your gathering – Five Entertaining Tips for the Holidays, Holiday Pantry List, our exclusive Time-it! Tool, and some Must-Have Items for Entertaining.

We wish you the best as you create a memorable experience for your family and friends
this holiday season!

Price: $15.00