“The Perfect” Steak Rub Collection – $24.99

Three amazing steak rubs to help you create the Perfect Steak!  Our steak rubs are an easy and quick way to add deep and intense flavor, create a juicy center and a beautiful sear on the outside of your steak – just like the famous steak houses do!

Steakhouse Rub:  Unleash your inner grill master with this fantastic Smoky flavored seasoning.  Generously rub it on your favorite steak cut and enjoy the subtle flavors of Hickory smoked salt, garlic, pepper, sugar and onion.  The flavors and aromas will remind you of your favorite steakhouse.  Absolutely NO MSG.  Simply add a baked potato and a Caesar Salad for a perfect steak dinner!

Bold & Spicy Steak Seasoning:  Want to add a bold and spicy flavor to your steaks with minimal effort?  then this is the rub for you.  Rubbing steak with this spice rub blend before cooking is an incredibly easy way to add intense flavor.  Just rub the spices on your steak and start grilling.  If you like to marinade your steaks, simply add 1 tblsp. of spice to 1 cup of red wine, add your steaks, let marinade about 1 hour, grill and enjoy the great taste!  Pair with grilled vegetables and a creamy orzo dish for a knock your socks off dinner!

Fire-Kissed Steak Seasoning:  Here’s a quick and easy way to add real flavor to any cut of beef.  The flavor profile that is created when this seasoning is rubbed on a steak is dynamic and incredible!  Generously season your steak for an initial flavor, sear over the hottest part of your grill to create a flavorful crust, and experience the juiciest steak you can imagine.  Top with a dollop of Gorgonzola cheese for a match made in heaven!  Pair with an arugula salad with blueberries, almonds, corn, avocado slices and a blueberry vinaigrette for pure perfection.

Price: $24.99