Be a Fearless Cook!

It’s another new year and my 2011 resolution is once again inspired by Julia Child.  Her famous quote of “Be a fearless cook, try out new ideas and new recipes, but always buy the freshest and finest of  ingredients” really resonates with me.  Having the confidence to try new recipes and integrating the freshest of ingredients available, has really helped me to unleash my inner foodie  and achieve the entertaining lifestyle I’ve been looking for!  I hope you’ll join me this year as we roll out our new products and services that have been designed to help you create memorable experiences for your family & friends through great food and great entertaining.

We launched Unleash Your Inner Foodie Signature Flavors in December and are busy gathering all the recipes our Tastebuds have sent it – you are going to love them and  I can’t wait to share them with you!  Look for these recipes and stories to be featured in the Friends That Cook section on our new website – debuting in February.  I’ll post some of the recipes earlier as there are some amazing appetizer recipes you’ll want to make for your Super Bowl parties!

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Joan

    So far, I’ve tried your Tuscany Pepper Signature Flavor. You are right–there is an amazing difference in using fresh ingredients. I’ve used this particular pepper while flavoring bread to serve with our dinner. Just a little olive oil and this pepper, dipped some crusty bread and baked under the broiler until golden–oh my. I could have made a meal on the bread alone. I have also used this blend while making omelets. It brings out such good blend of spices, making the omelet come alive–sooo good! I can’t wait to use this in other recipes as well as try the other flavors!

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