2 Days till Christmas!

What do you remember most about your Holidays of past?  My most precious memories are of preparing Christmas dinner with my parents and grandparents.  Grandma was an amazing cook and always welcomed my sister and I in her kitchen.  Grandpa was the delegator, laughing and telling stories as the rest of us worked!  I can still see Grandma preparing the turkey – humming “Silent Night”, Mother making the gravy, Dad wrapping  last minute gifts, and my sister and I setting the biggest kitchen table you’ve ever seen!  All in anticipation of spending the day with our favorite cousins.  Such fun memories!

I know you’ll enjoy reading about Louise’s favorite memories as she shares her Cooks Tool of the Week.   “I was recently making some polish sausage that has been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember.  The recipe was my grandpa’s and was handed down to our family.  It’s a pork hamburger mixture that requires two grindings.  As I was triming the meat and grinding it, using my electric grinder, I started to think about all the times my grandpa made this sauasge using a hand grinder and stuffer. He used a whole day or at least the better half of it; and me, I was done triming, grinding and stuffing in under 2 hours!  Making homemade sausage is a culinary adventure in itself, but can easily be accomplished in an afternoon.  Using an electric grinder and stuffer saves time and is a great way to get the perfect sausage.  Since sausage can be made from any meat and any combinations of flavors, you can find the best tasting pairing that works for you.  Once you get your grinder and stuffer try flavors like Philly beef with a little pork, some onions and peppers; or even a bacon cheese burger with crisp bacon pieces, bbq sauce and chunks of cheddar cheese.”  Yummy!KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand MixersProduct Details

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