Cook’s Tool of the Week

Louise Spiczka, Pastry Chef  extraordinaire, will be reviewing and recommending her  favorite “must have” cooking tools each week.

Stainless Steel 8 quart pot

One of my favorite tools in the kitchen whether I am baking or cooking is a good, 8 quart heavy bottomed pot.
While aluminum pots are fine for cooking pasta or beans, a stainless steal pot is worth the money to have at least one in your kitchen.  Stainless steal is non-reactive and won’t discolor food.  Which means you can cook any type of food in it, even the most acidic like tomato or raspberry.  Also you don’t need any specialty utensils!  Metal spoons or whisks won’t cause a change in the color and the flavor of the food which can happen in an aluminum pot.   I use mine routinely for cooking caramels and working with fruit. – Louise

Thanks Louise!  Good cooking tools are essential for the home cook.  They make all the difference in ease, consistency of results and you won’t burn your chocolate!  I appreciate the tip and if you’d like to upgrade your tools to include an 8 quart heavy bottomed stainless pot, you can find the pot Louise mentioned at for $96.99.  click

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