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  1. Patty Berg

    Hi DeeAnn,
    Our friend in common, Kathy, was telling me about your new “movie star” status. What fun! Can’t wait to see the final product.

  2. Zoanne

    Hi DeeAnn, It was so fun talking with you and your friend at the market on Friday…I am so sorry…. i was so excited that you were sooo excited for me i did not ask questions about your own infamousy!!! and it looks like your well on YOUR way! what a fun trip to Albequerque, i think we need to hang out! When I see and hear the excitement and encouragement of other friends and aquaintances, its all the more reason to take this to the level i am really going to have fun with (oh!! or am i? )will i get to big and be stressed out? maybe i am at that level, almost! haha…maybe bigger isnt better? but i want everyone to have banana bread!!!!!How was it, by the way? ok, anyway ,excited to know you, lets talk soon…I think you are related to LeeAnn….love to you

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