Meet Louise Spiczka

Meet Louise Spiczka, Pastry Chef extraordinaire!

Louise Spiczka, Pastry Chef

Louise Spiczka, Pastry Chef

Unleash Your Inner Foodie is so proud to introduce you to Louise Spiczka, our  Resident Pastry Chef.

Louise received her Associate degree in Baking and Pastry from the AII in Minneapolis, MN.  She also has a Bachelors in Conservation.  One of the many things I love about Louise is that she infuses her love of nature and all things outdoors into her cooking and baking by using seasonal, local ingredients. DSC02015

Louise will be sharing some great Holiday baking ideas in the coming weeks that are sure to inspire your Inner Foodie!

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  1. Pamela

    MMmm! Send some this way! Can’t wait to hear more about Louise.

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