2 responses to “The Ultimate S’more!”

  1. Shannon

    I agree with Kevin!! S’mores, a good drink, and Rock Lake are the three main components to a perfect evening! (And obvioulsy the wonderful company of the McArdles as well, but that is a give-in)

  2. Cathy Hansen

    Hi DeeAnn, I have a new idea for S’mores! My nephew Michael from NV brought some chocolate graham crackers with him when he came to visit us this summer. We made S’mores with the chocolate grahams, peanut butter, and of course, perfectly roasted marshmallows. They were delicious! Can you buy chocolate graham crackers around here? I don’t recall seeing them in the stores but then I’ve never looked for them before. Michael left the rest of the box for me but when they run out, you can be sure I’ll be looking for more!


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